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this is me

hi, my name is ojaswit, and one thing you should know about me is that i love stories— in all their forms. i love to read them, watch them, hear them, dream them, and to make memories that will one day turn into great stories themselves. this lifelong love affair with stories is why i make art like this— because i love stories.
but even more than just experiencing them, i love to tell stories, and especially through images. those that move and also those that remain still, because as long as they can move you, the medium doesn't matter. i have been telling stories through the artistic mediums  of photography, film, and design since 2016, and i've been writing and dreaming them up my whole life. i recently decided to take the plunge and left my philosophy degree to join the department of applied photography and time-based media at die angewandte in vienna.

if you'd like me to help tell your story in one way or another, please feel free to hit me up, i'd love to have a conversation and hopefully make it happen.
i am currently based in vienna, austria, and i am available for projects throughout the schengen region and possibly elsewhere nearby.
i'm originally from india, and can potentially  take projects there as well.

you can find some older examples of my photography, film, and design work on this website, and i'd love for you to have a look. i can provide more samples and the stories behind them if you'd like to see them.
thank you so much for reading this, and i hope you will give me the chance to one day hear—and tell—your story.

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